The Farm Animal Sanctuary need to raise nearly One Million Pounds to secure the site they’ve been based at for the last 30 years, and time is running out to register for Link to Hopes shoe box scheme for this year.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary

As I mentioned last month the Farm Animal Sanctuary, the oldest farm animal sanctuary in the UK needs your help to raise funds to buy the site they have been based at for the last 30 years.  Some of the animals are quite old, and trying to move them to a new site wouldn’t be very good for them.

They also still need to raise the funds to keep the animals fed and receive whatever medical support they need every week. 

The Farm Animal Sanctuary is currently open at weekends for visits – but you must pre book – they are hoping to keep offering visits during October but that will be weather permitting.   




If you do go be sure to take some Rich Tea biscuits for the sheep and goats, but beware that occasionally one or two goats escape and they will be very interested in the rich tea biscuits !!!! 





Also take apples and carrots for the pigs, but cut the apples into quarters.

In October they are holding a special open day event for Halloween – Spooky Sanctuary.  Again you must pre book, £5 for adults £7.50 for children under 14.  There will be various competitions, including best dressed.

Link to Hope

This month’s focus for shoe box contents is on toys – their calendar suggests –

Yoyo, skipping Rope, Toy cars, balls, draughts, domino, playing cards. It’s also good to include a small furry toy, and a tennis ball.  I haven’t found any new bargains toys this month, but it’s still possible to buy a pack of 10 small cars for £1.00 from One Below.  Asda have packs of 4 small skipping ropes for £1.50 and Poundland have small furry toys or packs of 4 mini Connect Four games. 

I also usually put a pack of playing cards in every Elderly box and most family boxes.  Tesco and Poundland have packs of 2 sets of playing cards for £1.00.  At 50p per pack they are good value and they don’t take up much room in the shoebox. 

If you have any spare dice and counters you could download and print a snakes and ladders game.  You could also make a noughts and crosses game.  There are various patterns on Pinterest.

Other Shoe Box Bargains

If you have a Bargain Buys nearby it’s worth checking to see if they have 20% off everything like my 2 local stores.  Some of the hot water bottles are marked as £1.99 (some identical ones are £2.99) so with 20% they are roughly £1.59 for a full size hot water bottle.  They also had detangle hair brushes for 69p which work out roughly to 56p.  They do have bags of sweets under 50p BUT most have a very short shelf life so aren’t suitable for the shoeboxes which need a best before end of June 2022.

I’m also using the evenings to knit some beanie hats for my shoe boxes – they are simpler than I expected.

Until next month – hope you manage to visit the Farm Animal Sanctuary and consider filling a Shoe Box for Link to Hope.

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