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May is toiletries month on the Link to Hope shoebox calendar.  Keeping Clean is so important – soap/flannel, shampoo, razors, toothpaste and toothbrushes, small scissors.  You could also add shower gel, but soap and shampoo are generally the items that are more useful. 

For the elderly shoeboxes I try and buy the Lacura Activate 3 in 1 body wash/shampoo/face wash from Aldi, though it often seems to be out of stock.  For 55p it’s a good buy and although it says it’s for men – I think the scent is fine for male or female. 

Tesco individually wrapped soap is my go-to.  It’s cheaper at the moment than last year, at 30p a bar.  Asda do their own individually wrapped bars which are also currently 30p.  The Tesco version is cruelty free and Vegan.  The scent is quite pleasant. 

Home Bargains sometimes have flannels for 29p but I haven’t seen any recently.  Asda have had 2 for 80p (40p each) but they are now 2 for 85p (43p each).  Tesco have 4 white flannels for £1.50 (38p each).  Dunelm have 2 ribbed flannels for 98p (49p each).  Morrisons have 2 for £1.00 (50p each).

The maximum size for shampoo has increased on this years leaflet to 400ml.  Home bargains and Asda have Astonish shampoo which is 400ml for £1.00.  The cheapest shampoos are still 500ml so I’ll still decant some into smaller bottles.   Several supermarkets stock XHC solid shampoo bars for £1.00, the banana one is quite often the only one left but they do coconut  and papaya as well. 

B&M still have packs of 5 Bic razors for 59p, or better value are the packs of 20 triple blade razors for £1.99.  Sainsbury’s have 10 razors for £1.00, Asda do 10 for £1.30, Tesco have 10 razors for £1.00. 

Tesco are also my go to for Toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Their twin pack of toothbrushes (one white and one teal) are still 25p and their Essentials Cavity Protect Toothpaste is 50p for 100ml.   Sainsbury’s have a twin pack of toothbrushes for 25p and their own brand toothpaste is 55p for 100ml.  Asda usually have a twin pack for 25p but it’s currently not shown on their website, but they do have their own brand toothpaste for 50p for 100ml.  Morrison’s also have a twin pack of toothbrushes for 25p and their own brand toothpaste 50p for 100ml.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Join them at Britain’s first ever Farm Animal Sanctuary for a weekend of food, drink, live music, a DJ, celebrity speakers, shopping, wellness workshops and much, much more.

You can stay for the weekend for the full festival experience or visit daily. Have your chance to meet their 600 plus furry residents and learn their stories from the amazing sanctuary team.

They are trying to purchase the land sanctuary has been renting, and have until December 2024 to do this, and they still have a long way to go to reach the target of £944,000. With your help you can help to save the sanctuary and all its friendly, furry faces.

Tickets are available via their website.

There are also Sheepovers on the nights of 27 July and 24 August and an Open Weekend 14 and 15 September.

The Sanctuary is also open most weekends for pre booked visits.  All are opportunities to help raise funds.

This month’s shoe box bargains

Poundland still packs of 12 combs for £1.00, so I’m stocking up while they still have them, and they had wooden spatulas for 30p.  Temu have had various bargains for bamboo toothbrushes.  They had packs of 10 black toothbrushes for 57p!!!!  and I bought some a couple of weeks later for 48p for 10!!!!  (I’m not entirely sure if they are made of bamboo).  They also had a pack of 20 individually wrapped bamboo toothbrushes for £2.29, so more expensive but do appear to be made of bamboo and still slightly cheaper than Tesco etc.

Dunelm have some pencil cases reduced to 62p as well as 3m rolls of gift wrap for £1.00, and Tesco had some small farm animal soft toys which make a noise reduced to 75p but my local store only had one left.  Tesco still have packs of 10 assorted biros for 50p but check the price at the checkout as I’ve been overcharged several times and had to get them to check the price on the shelf last time as they came up as 75p.   

Till next month.

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