In March 2020 I decided to see if I could fill a shoebox with items from the Link to Hope leaflet for under £10.00 – this was to replicate something Link to Hope had done a couple of years previously.  In 2020 I managed to complete the challenge, but with all the price rises in recent months could I still do so in 2022? 

For the first box –

Overall total £8.06

As this is way below the £10.00 challenge I’ve also added

This still leaves scope if you can only get a full price hat at Poundland.

An Alternative box

Essential items the same as above

Additional items

That still leaves scope to add a pair of nail clippers 33p from a pack of 3, or additional chocolate, emery boards, small packs of sweets, or another bar of soap.

Poundland have had 4 reporters pad for £1.00 in July/August so there are still options to reduce some of the costs above.

So yes it is possible to still complete an elderly shoebox for under £10.00. I would suggest trying to buy items throughout the year when you see items reduced or just at a reasonable price.

My monthly blogs detail the best prices I’ve found for the themes suggested that month on the Link to Hope Calendar, as well as any other items that are on special offer/reduced that month, so hopefully you’ll find them helpful as well as the above.

I hope this helps you fill a shoebox for Link to Hope. I hope to post details of a family shoebox for under £10.00 in the next couple of weeks. 😊

8 thoughts on “My £10.00 Elderly Shoebox Challenge 2022

  1. Tesco also has magnifying glasses @ £1 and nailbrushes x 3 for £1- both in their ‘Keep it Handy’ range: sadly not available everywhere.
    Magnifying glass might be handier for the elderly?

    I managed to get cheap wind -up torches from The Range but suspect that was the end of the line

    I buy my items through the year- when I see them.

    Thanks for your ideas

    1. Thanks for the tips – Nail brushes and magnifying glasses are great to add – I’ll look out for those when I’m in Tesco. I’ll also keep an eye out in the Range for wind up torches just in case 🙂

  2. The Range have got the wind-up torches @ 89 pence online now but no idea if they will be available in store.
    I bought a load earlier this year- stored away for next year! That justified the delivery charge

    1. Thanks for the tip about the wind up torches being available on line at the Range – I’ve just ordered some 🙂 and like you I’ll keep some for next year.

  3. Already amassing for 2023!
    I was given some tweed wool fabric- meant for a pencil skirt- but soft. Cut into three, zigzagged inside edge and then fringed. 3 scarves which cost nothing!
    Best wishes

    1. That’s a great idea.
      I need to sort through the item’s I’ve got left over now all the shoe boxes have been collected, and put them ready for next year’s shoe boxes 🙂 I tend to have a stash of items in reserve in case any of the shoe boxes I receive have essential items missing – so I can use my reserves to top up the boxes and ensure the recipients of those boxes don’t miss out.
      I’ve made scarves from fleece blankets before – no sewing required

  4. Hi Barbara

    Just to give you a heads up that I managed to get some candles in Aldi this morning.
    Bought x 4 ‘Christmas pudding & brandy sauce ‘!! scented ones, but they smell cinnamon & similar. Rather nice and worth every penny of 78/79 pence ( lost till receipt)- in a glass holder. They also had turkey & stuffing scented- but I didn’t smell those.
    Sadly magnifying glasses & playing cards in Tesco have 50% price increase, that range now £1.50

    Best wishes

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