Welcome to my site. I’m sure the things I write about will alter over time, but will feature some of the things that are important to me or that I’m currently involved with. 

I work full time but I’ve found helping a few charities in various ways helps to distract me from work concerns and worries.  I’m hoping to pass on tips about any bargains that I come across to help others fill shoeboxes for Link to Hope.  I also support The Farm Animal Sanctuary and have had a craft stall at their open day for the last couple of years with profits going to the Sanctuary.   I do support a few other charities but mainly through monthly contributions, whereas I’m more closely involved in supporting Link to Hope and the Farm Animal Sanctuary.

I’m also interested in how what we eat or don’t eat can assist in preventing a lot of illnesses, so I may pass on information about that from time to time.

I hope you find the blogs interesting and/or helpful.