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The calendar suggestion for November is `Photo and £3.00 donation’.   Please find a lovely photo of yourself and add a lovely message and your first name only to the back.  Please add your £3.00 donation.

Hopefully your shoeboxes are all wrapped and are already with your area receiver or ready to take to them.  I tend not to include a photo as I don’t particularly like having my photo taken but I do include a Christmas card in each box as a personal touch.  I’m sure if you do feel comfortable including a picture of yourself that would be appreciated by those receiving the shoebox 😊.  Of course, remember to include your £3.00 donation either attached to your form on the shoebox, or pay online.   

Most of my shoeboxes are packed and wrapped, though I still have a few to do.  When I’m finalising my shoeboxes, I pray that the shoebox contains items that the recipient(s) need and items that will make them happy and cared about.  I hope to add details of the contents of each one over the next few months.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary

The annual Festive Fair is taking place at the Farm Animal Sanctuary on Saturday 25 November from 4:00pm – 7:00pm.   Join them for a festive evening at the sanctuary, with plenty of fun for all the family and lots of treats on offer!  There will be vegan food from The Boxx n Bar, Golden Glaze Doughnuts, craft and gift stalls (including my fund raising stall – Bramley Buttons), a grotto scene with sweets.

The event is at The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham WR11 8LN

Tickets are £2.50- £3.00.

Shoebox Bargains

I haven’t found anything I would categorise as a bargain, but B&M have 20 razors for £1.99 so 10p each or 5 Bic Razors for 55p so 11p each.  Lidl have 300ml bottles of kids shampoo for 99p. 

Now to start buying for next years shoeboxes 😊. 

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