Link to Hope

The Link to Hope calendar theme for December is Think and Pray.  For all the people that receive your shoebox, those who distribute them, and for the year round work of Link to Hope.

The shoeboxes are now all on their way to Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova – a fantastic 26,417 shoeboxes have been sent.  Some have already arrived at their destination.  There are photos on the Link to Hope Facebook page (you don’t need to be on Facebook to be able to see them) of some of the shoeboxes arriving.   I always enjoy seeing the boxes arriving and particularly like the photos of the families opening the boxes and seeing what they contain.  And yes, I look to see if I can see any of my boxes 😊.  (I did see one my boxes a couple of years ago, but the lady held the box by her gate, so I didn’t see what she thought of the contents – but the odds of seeing one of my boxes out of the thousands that are sent was so small that just seeing one was amazing😊.  It’s a good time to remember all those involved in filling shoe boxes, transporting them, distributing them and the recipients and the difference your gifts will make to families and elderly people. 

Shoeboxes being collected in November.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary

The Farm Animal Sanctuary held a successful Festive Fair.  It was cold but not as cold as last year 😊.  Their new donkeys Clive and Ernie were in the Barn welcoming visitors.  They were very well behaved😊. 

There was a good mix of stalls with lots of options for Christmas gifts as well as lovely food.  Golden Glaze donuts did a roaring trade again.  I didn’t raise as much money for them as the previous year, but every penny counts.

Shoebox Bargains

No real bargains so far, but I’m hoping to get some after Christmas in the sales.  Primark have 2 pairs of ladies gloves for £1.00 which is the standard price but great value as it works out at 50p a pair. 

I’ve bought a couple of packs but wish I’d bought more 😊. 

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