Elderly Shoe box Contents

The following are pictures of the elderly shoeboxes I completed this year, along with a list of the items included in each box. I added a few extra items to some of the boxes just before I sealed them which aren’t included in the contents lists. As you’ll see I managed to squeeze a lot of items into the shoeboxes. The boxes could go to an elderly couple or an elderly person living alone.

Elderly Shoe Box 1

Elderly Shoe Box 2

Elderly Shoe Box 3

Elderly Shoe Box 4

Elderly Shoe Box 5

Elderly Shoe Box 6

Elderly Shoe Box 7

Elderly Shoe Box 8

Shoe box contents laid out, though the reading glasses aren’t visible in the main picture

Start to pack things in the box to fit as many items in as possible. Note books etc on the bottom, and I try to keep the soap or lavender bags away from the chocolate and sweets it possible! The soap is wrapped in the flannel to minimise scent transfer. Some of the night lights are scented so they are also wrapped and placed as far away as possible from the chocolate.

Pack things inside other items to make the most of the space – here small items are put inside the travel mug to maximise space, – a mini sewing kit with extra buttons, safety pins and a needle threader, along with extra cotton, hair grips, nail scissors, a metal nail file, tweezers, an eraser, pencil sharpener, bracelet and pack of sweets – all easily fit in the travel mug.

Then fit other items around it in the box. With Link to Hope you can use a cardboard box rather than a shoebox as long as it’s a similar size to a shoe box. The boxes are wrapped completely and only opened in the UK if they seem very light or any of the essential items are missing from the contents list on the box.

Elderly Shoe Box 9

Elderly Shoe Box 10

Contents ready to go in the box.

Start filling the box making sure you can fit in the essentials plus at least 5 other items, and fill in your packing leaflet as you go.

Finished box waiting for collection, with completed contents list attached. (The gift aid section of the leaflet has already been removed.)

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