This month Hedgehog update, The Farm Animal Sanctuary and Link to Hope.

Hedgehog update.  The hedgehog I found trapped in weed suppressant membrane has completed it’s treatment, and is now fully recovered, and I have collected it from Secret World and released it in our garden.  I heard it and it’s friend snuffling in the garden the following night.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary near Evesham are holding a Sheepover on 24 July.  Details about how to book and what it entails can be found on their website.

Link to Hope Calendar – theme for June

The theme this month is Elderly gifts.  The suggestions on the calendar are – spoon, mug, cutlery, sensory items, reading glasses, head scarves.  It is still possible to get reading glasses for £1.00 from One Below and Poundland, though they don’t come with cases so last year I made simple sleeves from fleece to protect the lens from scratches.  You could also use synthetic felt to make a cover for the reading glasses.  Generally they recommend lower magnification levels up to about 2.5.  You could include a magnifying glass instead

Last year I also made some simple lavender bags, and some pouches with crushed cinnamon, cloves and allspice in that seemed suitable for men or women as a sensory item.  If anyone has any suggestions for other sensory items please let me know via the contact form.

I usually try and put a small hot water bottle in the elderly shoeboxes, and if I can find them men’s cotton hankies.  I did buy some small hot water bottles last year but the supplier now has a minimum order value of several hundred pounds and I’m not able to commit that much money.

Photo Bramley Buttons

Another item that has previously been suggested is oil cloth/thick pvc table cloths.  Lots of homes seem to have them on units and tables.  Last year I used some to wrap some of the elderly boxes.  I basically used large fat quarters, (50x 65cm) so enough to go on top of a cupboard or side table.

Shoebox bargains this month

I’ve only come across a few bargains this month.  Matalan had packs of 2 pairs of ladies knitted gloves for £1.00, (I was quite surprised to find them in June!), and Aldi have some of their sewing accessories reduced to 19p. The options include sewing needles, safety pins, seam rippers, needle threaders, and thimbles.  They also had packs of ribbon, sequins, and small denim patches. 

My best find this month has been chunky glass night light holders for 10p each in Ikea.  They are heavy so you would probably only want to put one or two in a shoebox along with a few night lights/tea lights.

Until next time.

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