The Farm Animal Sanctuary

The Farm Animal Sanctuary Festive Fair is on Saturday 11 December, 4.00pm – 8.00pm.  Tickets can be purchased online and all money goes towards the upkeep of all the rescued animals.

I’m busy crafting items to sell and working out how best to display them as I haven’t done an evening craft stall before, and I’m not sure what lighting there will be in the barn. Should be quite atmospheric though.  I’m concentrating on Christmas decorations and small gifts with an animal theme, and hoping to get my husband involved making cards etc. 

Link to Hope

Link to Hope have sent 24,934 shoe boxes to Eastern Europe – photos will start to appear on their Facebook page and Website shortly.


The Farm Animal Sanctuary Festive Fair was a successful event despite the rain and mud!  The photos below were taken part way through the evening after I’d already sold quite a few items.  Mainly as it took longer to unload the car and set up then I’d anticipated so people started arriving while I was still adding things to the display – though I did make sure I got there as early as we were allowed to, but the mud was particularly deep in places and I had visions of slipping over –  thankfully I didn’t 😊.   

There were some lovely items on sale at some of the stalls along with vegan food from Huns Vegan.  My stall doesn’t appear on any of the photos on their Facebook page as I was tucked around a corner opposite Santa’s Grotto, but I raised over £100 for them.  Need to start thinking about items for the summer fair now- though maybe I’ll get Christmas and New Year out of the way first 😊

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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