It’s time to relax this month and prepare for Christmas, and work out how and when I can deliver Christmas presents to relatives and friends in different parts of the country, navigating the current restrictions due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.  Having queued for an hour at my local post office to send presents to friends in USA, sending presents to my family and friends in the UK via Royal Mail doesn’t seem a good option, plus I would like to see them in person, even if it’s briefly outside to drop them off. 

This years Link to Hope boxes have started to arrive in the recipient countries, and they have started to put up photos of the families receiving them on their Facebook page.  I’m chuffed that one of the elderly boxes I packed is in one of the photos they’ve posted 😊.  I’m not sure if the link below will work, but if it does it should take you to a picture of a lady holding a box tied with a turquoise ribbon.

I’ll post the details of the contents of each of the boxes I filled – though I did squeeze in a few extra items just before I wrapped them but have managed to lose the note I made of the extra contents!

Keep an eye out in the sales as some items get reduced before Christmas including wrapping paper. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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