Great news – The Farm Animal Sanctuary is re-opening for visitors from 24 April 2021.  The sanctuary is open at weekends, but you do need to book your visit in advance by visiting the event page of their website.  

They are also holding their second Sheepover from 4.00pm on 24 July.  Camp overnight with the sheep.  Cost is £20 per adult and £10 for children under 14.  Booking is required.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary – Bramleybuttons

Their website also includes links to their Amazon Wish list, as well as merchandise to help support the upkeep of over 600 animals.

April is accessories month for Link to Hope, – suggestions include hair accessories, jewellery, small bags/purses, umbrella, sunglasses.  As non-essential shops have re-opened, I have ventured out to one non-essential shop so far and that was IKEA.  I was looking for a storage option but ended up coming away with several bargains.  Directly related to this month’s theme I purchased several folding shopping bags reduced to 50p each, which are light weight and won’t take up much room in a shoebox.  I also picked up a couple of back packs reduced to 75p each.

The other bargain items I picked up were a double pack of scented votives in a glass holder which were reduced to £1.00 for the pair.  They also had a pack of 8 dinner candles reduced to £1.00 and packs of 18 raspberry scented tealights with 4hr burn times reduced to 50p.  I also picked up 2 pairs of scissors which were 50p per pair – these seem to be their standard price.

Whilst doing my food shopping I went to Tesco and picked up 2 further bars of their own brand soap for 15p per bar and 5 packs of disposable razors for 30p per pack.  These are their normal price, but I try and pick up a few packs when I go in throughout the year.  They also had some children’s scissors reduced to 32p per pair so picked up the last 4 pairs.

I’ve knitted a couple more headbands and plan to make a few more scrunchies.  I’ve also purchased a couple of costume jewellery bundles off eBay, so have plenty of necklaces, bracelets and brooches to add to this year’s boxes, to add some variety between the boxes.

A few days have passed since I started this blog and I’ve now ventured into my local Dunelm and they had a pack of 10 face cloths/flannels for £2.10.  The packs contain 5 white and either 5 pink or 5 of a greyish brown colour.  The normal price is apparently £3.00 though they seemed to be a limited offer, and I couldn’t see them on-line.  They also had packs of 10 white `Hotel Quality’ face cloths for £3.00, these are available to order on-line.  In my local store they were in a wire basket next to one of the aisles with towels. 

My local Bargain Buys still had a couple of hairbrushes left for 69p and they have some palm sized detangle brushes reduced to 69p, so I bought one of those as well.  Unfortunately, the 5-piece manicure sets have increased to 90p, but they did still have solar calculators for 69p. 

Hope you manage to find some good deals to help you fill a shoe box for Link to Hope.

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